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Helping, the Jewish Way


Founded in 1977, Tomchei of Los Angeles has been lovingly providing essential food packages to thousands of needy families in our community.

All year long we provide food for Weekends and Holidays. This weekly support restores spirits and helps the families throughout the week.

Our programs help those without work find jobs, start businesses & earn livelihoods. They provide clothing and furniture, assist with utilities & rent in emergency situations, help children obtain their educations and direct those in need to the proper social service organizations.

Every week, our warehouses come alive with volunteers filling rows of boxes with eggs, milk, fruits, vegetables and everything else a family needs to make weekends special. The boxes are then delivered with the outmost discretion and care to the privacy of the recipient.

Touch of Kindness is entirely supported by the compassion and generosity of financial support, time and resources of the Los Angeles community.

We invite you to become a part of our mission and light up the homes of your fellow neighbors.

Contact us with any questions about this or any programs. A Touch of Kindness office (323) 851-1000