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Rabbi Yona Landau: Delivering Kindnesses, Discreetly

January 6, 2010

( Rabbi Yona Landau is sitting in his insurance office in the Beverly-La Brea area, not selling insurance. Landau and one of his two employees spend nearly all of their time running Touch of Kindness, a social service agency Landau helped found in 1977. When Landau first moved to Los Angeles from Lakewood, N.J., he and a group of others met in a garage to pack and deliver weekly groceries for about six families. By 1980, the others had left, and Landau inherited
Tomchei of Los Angeles, which had grown to serve 60 families. He moved into a small storefront with shelves and top-loading freezers.

Today, Touch of Kindness, which encompasses Tomchei of Los Angeles and several other concerns, is a $2.2 million organization helping around 1,500 families. read more